Breast Augmentation in Turkey

Breast augmentation in Turkey: If you want to fulfill your dream of a perfect breast, experienced specialists will help you with a safe and gentle operation.

A breast augmentation in Turkey

A female silhouette, an attractive figure and beautiful breasts – they are considered the ultimate feminine attribute and that is why some women do not feel comfortable in their bodies. Many women complain about the size of their breasts when they are young or after pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as a significant weight loss, which they often feel is too small. 

This sometimes even leads to psychological problems, which can manifest themselves in the form of mental disorders and sexual inhibitions. A breast augmentation in Turkey offers these women the chance for a better well-being.

However, if the operation is performed for purely cosmetic reasons, the cost of breast augmentation will not be covered by health insurance. In Europe such as Germany, England, Austria or Switzerland, the operation would be very expensive. In Turkey, however, we offer the same medical standards and quality implants from Germany, but thanks to the lower wage costs, we can fulfill your wish for a breast augmentation much more cheaply for you!

Breast surgery in Turkey is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is also one of the oldest procedures and an operation with the most experience. While breast augmentation surgeries remain reliable and safe, breast implant placement requires careful preparation, both psychological and physical, which we ensure at our clinic in Turkey / Antalya.

Reasons for breast augmentation in Turkey

A patient may decide to have breast augmentation with implants for purely aesthetic reasons or after breast hypoplasia (removal of the breast), which can occur due to insufficient development of the mammary gland, or after childbirth, weight loss or aging of the mammary gland. 

Breast augmentation can also be performed if part of the breast has to be removed for medical reasons. Breast hypoplasia is often experienced by patients as an attack on their femininity, which is associated with a lack of self-confidence and a feeling of uneasiness, which can even lead to a real complex.

The goal of breast augmentation is for the patient to feel more feminine and confident, in harmony with her body. The aesthetic result is immediately visible. However, 6-12 months after the procedure, the breasts become more elastic and natural.

How do you prepare for breast surgery in Turkey?

The surgeon at our clinic will explain the details of the operation to the patient in a detailed initial consultation. The doctor explains the planned course of the operation and the aftercare. He will also inform the patient about possible complications. Two weeks before the operation, the patient must stop taking blood thinners, such as  certain painkillers, and abstain from alcohol and nicotine.

Requirements and risks of breast enlargement

What are the requirements for the patient? There is no age limit for breast augmentation. The operation can be carried out for as long as the patient wishes and her state of health allows it. Pregnancy and weight loss are out of the question for the foreseeable future as both factors can change the shape of the breasts.

Before your breast surgery

The first consultation for cosmetic surgery serves to define the needs and expectations of the patient, but also to identify possible contraindications with the help of a conversation with the cosmetic surgeon. The Turkish surgeon will be interested in the patient’s family history, inquire about chronic diseases and, of course, discuss her motivations. The plastic surgeon performs a complementary examination to analyze the patient’s morphology and work with her to determine the new desired cup size. If the patient wants augmentation, she must undergo a series of obligatory examinations: mammography and ultrasound to detect any abnormalities or lumps, as well as a very thorough blood test. A conversation with our anesthesiologist is required prior to any planned operation.

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Breast augmentation techniques in Turkey?

What different surgical techniques are there? Breast augmentation can be performed with implants or fat transfer. With fat transfer for breast augmentation, the patient’s own fat is used for breast reconstruction. 

You must therefore have sufficient fat reserves, for example on the abdomen, hips or inner thighs. The autologous fat is introduced through several small (leaving no scars) injections. The method of fat transfer for breast augmentation gives the breasts a natural look, and liposuction on other parts of the body helps to harmonize the overall figure. However, the breast enlargement that can be achieved through fat transfer is on the order of up to one bra cup size.

Another surgical technique is breast implants: They are made of high-quality medical silicone or – increasingly rare – saline solution and are inserted through an incision in the breast. The implants can be round, so they cover the entire breast, or teardrop-shaped, so the lower part of the breast gets more volume. They usually have a volume of 80 to 600 milliliters and thus offer many individual options for breast augmentation.

How are breast implants placed in Turkey?

The implants (Mentor implants) used by our Turkish surgeons are subject to the Medical Devices Act and meet the strictest quality requirements – European standards, because they are medical devices from a renowned German manufacturer. The shape and size of the Mentor implants are determined in a personal discussion between the doctor and the patient. The wishes and anatomical conditions of the patient are taken into account as well as the shape of the chest or the position of the ribs.

The implants are inserted through an incision in the chest. The incision is usually made in the lower breast crease as this area allows for good healing and leaves unobtrusive scars. This type of incision also has the advantage that the glandular tissue is preserved. Breastfeeding will therefore remain possible in the future as well. It is also possible to access the areola or the armpit.

Depending on the desired change, the implants can be placed under, between or over the pectoral muscle. If the pectoral muscle is opened during the operation, it may take a little longer to heal after the operation.

Patient education and preparation

Procedure of the operation with an implant

Breast augmentation in Antalya is usually performed during a one to two day stay. The procedure itself takes about an hour and a half. First, an incision of a few centimeters is made in the chest. This incision is usually made in the crease under the breast and less commonly in the armpit or underarm. The implant is then inserted through the opening. 

Depending on the surgical procedure, it may also be necessary to open the pectoral muscle when placing the implant under the muscle. The skin incision is closed with absorbable sutures and the chest is relieved with a support bandage.

In some cases, the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis or under local anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend this to you at the consultation. If the patient is not hospitalized, it is advisable to organize care for at least the first night after the operation. As with any operation, complications such as secondary bleeding, infections, blood clots and healing disorders can also occur with breast augmentation. However, our Turkish specialized surgeons perform breast augmentation as a routine procedure with few risks.

Duration of Procedure

1-3 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 Day

Recovery Time

4 Days


from 1,900 EUR

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